Commemorative hand-carved breadboards and wooden kitchenware

Personalised Cheese Boards

Large cheese boards are starting to be requested more often these days and I usually make them 14” (36cms) wide but can go wider still especially for couples having a "Cheese Wedding".

Instead of a crumb ring which is the deep channel you see on a breadboard,  I put a thin decorative v groove which sets the board off and is pleasing to the eye.The cheese board can be personalised with whatever inscription you like. If there isn't enough room for a long inscription on the front I can continue on the back of the cheese board.
A 14” board is a good size and allows you to get quite  a lot of cheese on it. An ideal centerpiece at a party.

Side decoration is usually free unless it's very complex.

Price is: £54 for the board plus £2.45/character.

Insured carriage is £12.95 in Uk.

It's very difficult to set up an order system for these, so please contact me to discuss your requirments.

The cheese boards are all turned from a single piece of Sycamore. Your personalised inscription is then hand carved onto the board using traditional methods and tools.

I also make larger cheese boards up to 18" across for couples that are having a "Cheese Wedding Cake" made from several cheeses instead of the usual cake option.

Ideally I need to know  the width of the largest base cheese, then I can make a board that is a perfect fit for your "cake", and carve and decorate the edges with an inscription of your choice.

















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Hello Steve, The breadboards just arrived in perfect condition--and they are simply beautiful.  The exquisite wood grain is as striking as the pattern you see on the back of a violin or a really fancy guitar. I love the way the central round is distinctly raised above the border. The deep gutter for crumbs is a genius idea. And the carved wheat stalks are so graceful. What more can I say? Aha! The heft of the boards is very satisfying. Have a wonderful Christmas and count none but the happy hours in the New Year. Thank you,
Rosemary Perkins. NY USA
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